Changes afoot

Having been forced to be more land based over the past few years due to my injury and work, I decided I should get myself set up with a more conventional type of accommodation. I also figured it would be nice to have something to eventually spend my retirement in.

No, I haven’t become a land lubber, I still have the boat and still intend to live aboard once my injury stabilises, but its also nice to have a little patch of dirt. In my travels I came across a place that immediately felt like home. I wanted a place that I can moor the boat out front and still have a feeling of privacy and seclusion and not suburbia. I think I found that place. After a bit of negotiation with the owner I bought my little piece of paradise. I’m now the owner of land and on an island no less. My mooring has been approved and I should be able to move the boat onto the mooring in a few months.

To get to the island I have to take a barge or ferry. Here is a picture heading over to the island.


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