My Christmas Present

Finally, the Christmas holidays have come. I finished up work yesterday for a 10 day break which I’ve been looking forward to. It’s not really going to be a break though since I’ll be working flat out trying to get the big Red truck sorted and repairs to the boat.
I decided to spoil myself with a Christmas present and bought myself a new tool box. The reason I’m writing about it on here is because anyone who is on a boat will really appreciate this toolbox. In fact anyone who is around the water or dusty environments will appreciate this.

It is a product made by Pelican cases. Pelican are well known for their military grade cases which are used the world over. Here is the toolbox.


Sure it looks just like a big Pelican case but when you open it up there are drawers inside. I spent the afternoon today cutting pieces of foam to fit the drawers and making slots in the foam to fit tools.


Now I have a secure place to keep all my tools together. Well maybe not all of them.


Here is one in action.


Ok, sorry about the tool section but I’m really happy with my new toolbox. It’s awesome!

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