More truck

I hope I’m not boring you with the truck. I’ll be getting back to the boat in the coming weeks as I have to attend to some serious rot in the cabin sides. Until then I’m trying to get as much work done on the truck. My progress would be much better without a bad shoulder. It’s really giving me grief but I need to get the truck sorted before I go back to work in January.

Got the deck back on today and a final coat of black epoxy on the rims.


I also attended to some of the old welds I had done previously that weren’t painted. The welds and unprimed steel needed attention so I hit it with the grinder to tidy up some of the welds and remove any sharp edges. After that I applied rust converter and will prime it tomorrow.

While the wheels are off I want to get the brakes sorted. The bolts holding the drums on were really difficult to get off. I suppose that’s what you get with 40 year old trucks. Anyway after lots of mucking around I finally got the front drums off.


Here are the brake linings.


The photo above shows the drivers side shoes. What is really annoying is that the inspection port accesses the forward shoes only. The forward shoes usually wear faster so its easy to keep a visual check on the linings. To my (unpleasant) surprise, the aft shoe of this wheel was worn down to the studs and has scored the inside of the drum. The only explanation I can come up with is that whoever adjusted the brakes last, over tightened the rear adjuster. The passenger side front brakes had the same problem but not as bad. You can see the difference in the thickness of the front and rear shoe.


I’ll give the cylinders a good clean tomorrow and a check over for any leaks or issues. All looks good though. The bearings all feel good but I really should repack them while the wheels are apart. I think I’ll be struggling to get done what I want to so I might save myself until I’m feeling up to it.

A 40 year old work truck that has been off road and through lots of mud sure does build up some gunk on the underside. I scraped about half an inch of hardened grease and mud off all the steering linkages and exposed all the nipples. That sounds a bit erotic doesn’t it ! If only it was that exciting.
Here is a photo of an exposed nipple that was hiding under caked on mud and hardened grease.


Ok settle down, no more nipple photos.

I also cleaned up around the hub swivels. These are huge compared to the landcruiser.


I suppose I’ll grease all the nipples tomorrow and get some paint on the axles and steering linkages.

I’m very happy with the progress so far and I’ll hopefully have the truck on the road by late January. The next big project for the truck will be the accommodation pod.

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