And yet more truck

I know this is probably getting a bit monotonous but its a pretty big project. I might put entries about my truck build into a separate page so the site isn’t all about the truck.
All 7 rims are now restored. Just a final coat to go on tomorrow.


The rear end and undercarriage is all finished and today I turned my attention to the front end. Overall big Red is in great condition for a 40 year old truck. There is virtually no rust other than a bit of surface rust under the truck. I pulled the front of the truck off today which turned out to take a lot longer than I expected. As a result of these trucks being built for use by the British Army, everything is massively built. They are virtually bullet proof. Here is big Red with the front off.



Of course Cutty was supervising everything I did.

I’ve tidied up the wiring, checked the steering box and tomorrow I’ll go over everything under the cab and give it a freshen up with some rustproofing paint. I’m going to spray the entire underside with a heavy duty zinc galvanising paint which should give some protection from rust for the future.

Here is a close up of what’s under the cabin.


I had to cut a couple of pieces of steel off the bumper bar that were left overs from the water tanker sprayers. About 6 months ago when I was doing some work with an oxy I looked into getting a plasma cutter. After doing a bit of research I came across a product called MultiPlaz. It is a plasma cutter and welder. I figured that I’d be doing a lot of cutting and welding with my truck project so I bought one. I’ve used it extensively to cut steel from the frame of the truck and weld a few pieces together. I’m still getting the hang of welding with it as it’s a bit different to regular arc welding and more like tig. Here is a picture of the MultiPlaz.


These little machines are awesome. It doesn’t need any gas but uses water as a shielding plasma. The water is contained in the gun. It cuts effortlessly through plate steel and can even weld aluminium. It also cuts concrete and ceramic tiles.
I love this little machine. Here is a picture of it cutting through steel.


The piece of steel I had to cut today was a bit awkward to access so I cut it freehand. Here is a photo of the cut. It’s not as clean a cut as can be achieved if using a guide and not free handing.


Wheels finished, painted and new tyres fitted. Just need to get them back onto the truck.


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