Crazy weather

We have been having some crazy weather in Australia. A couple of weeks ago there were raging fires in the southern states and this past weekend I was caught in the floods and cyclone tearing its way down the east coast.


Back to the grind

Holidays are over and I’m back to the grind. The last couple of weeks have been incredibly hot and being stuck inside with air conditioning hasn’t been all bad. Cutty is getting back to the routine of being back in the office and generally sleeps most of the day. When she gets bored she wanders down the corridor to visit other people.


I generally get a salad for lunch and a couple of sushi rolls for Cutty. She gets really excited at lunch.





Island day

I’ve had to take a rest from the truck for the past few days. I’m heading over to the island today to check on a few things and get some mangoes off my trees. There is a great little cafe close by the ferry where I usually stop for breakfast. I’ve spoken to the owner a few times as he is a BMW motorcycle fan and he likes my sidecar setup. Cutty always gets attention when we pull up in the sidecar. Now I’m the first to concede that Cutty is the cutest dog ever but people treat her like a celebrity. It’s ridiculous how much attention she gets. The cafe staff even came out today and took photos of her sitting outside the cafe.
She is probably spoiled rotten and knows she gets some of my breakfast when we go to the cafe.
Here she is waiting patiently for the bacon.


And post bacon. Breakfast can be exhausting.


It was good to be back on the island today. I love this place. It feels like a million miles from civilisation yet its only 40 minutes on the barge. There is always a cool sea breeze and the sound of tranquility (whatever that sounds like).

It’s nice to sit by the water and relax.


One of my missions today was to check on my mango trees. There are 2 big established trees on my land and I was hoping to come back with a sidecar full of mangoes.
It appears I am a couple of weeks too early.


The mango trees are stunning and very healthy. I trimmed them back heavily about a month ago as they were totally wild and overgrown. I cut them back so the lower branches were about 10ft off the ground and thinned out the crown a little to let some light into the trunk. Now they provide a beautiful big shade canopy underneath. It’s a pretty sight looking up into the canopy seeing the different colours of the leaves and the light filtering through.


I’m considering building a deck under the big tree since its a really cool and shady place to spend time. Maybe some type of split level garden. This has a nice feel.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year. Today was a relaxation day. I’ve been recovering from working on the truck and have been barely able to move due to my shoulder and back. I spent most of today floating in the water. Cutty also spent most of the day in the water. She is so at home in water that she swims to me and I can let her place her front paws on my hands under water and she just floats. We spent a good few minutes at a time with her just floating next to me. It’s amazing. Most dogs get really panicked in the water, while Cutty just doesn’t move and floats.

I will finish up on the truck tomorrow to get ready to go back to work next week. It’s been a pretty intensive Christmas break. I haven’t got all of what I wanted to get done but I’ll get there eventually.

I have to get onto the boat work soon. It is in desperate need of some love and overdue for slipping for antifouling.