Happy New Year

Happy New Year. Today was a relaxation day. I’ve been recovering from working on the truck and have been barely able to move due to my shoulder and back. I spent most of today floating in the water. Cutty also spent most of the day in the water. She is so at home in water that she swims to me and I can let her place her front paws on my hands under water and she just floats. We spent a good few minutes at a time with her just floating next to me. It’s amazing. Most dogs get really panicked in the water, while Cutty just doesn’t move and floats.

I will finish up on the truck tomorrow to get ready to go back to work next week. It’s been a pretty intensive Christmas break. I haven’t got all of what I wanted to get done but I’ll get there eventually.

I have to get onto the boat work soon. It is in desperate need of some love and overdue for slipping for antifouling.

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