Genius roadworks

I had to drive down the coast tonight after work. The highway is busy every evening with workers leaving the city to go home and the traffic doesn’t generally free up until about 7.30pm. On Fridays it’s a lot worse due to people not only going home from work but also heading down the coast for the weekend. So one would think that Friday evenings aren’t an ideal time for roadworks to be carried out. Some genius at the transport department obviously thinks differently and decided that lawn mowing on the nature strips was super urgent. So there are workers mowing and they close down 3 of the 4 lanes. I left the city at 7pm for what should be an hours trip. 2 hours later I’m just over half way there and haven’t moved for half an hour due to the nature strip maintenance. this is the scene leading up to 4 lanes into a bottle neck of 1 lane.


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