Since watching the film I mentioned below I decided it’s time to start taking action. It’s so easy to just get into bad habits with food. I drink at least 3-4 coffees per day and chocolate, well don’t even go there. I eat way too much of it. I haven’t been able to do any serious exercise since my accident and the middle aged spread is…..spreading. So I figured if a seriously overweight truck driver from the USA could commit to a juice fast for 60 days, then I can manage at least 10.
So today I bought a juicer.


I went to the market to buy some vegetables and when I had a bunch it occurred to me that I really can’t recall buying so many vegetables in one go before. I bought much more than what is in the photo.
I’m sure some people are thinking this is a fad diet, and maybe it will be, but its worth a try and I truly hope I can make it a permanent lifestyle change.
I’ll let you know how it goes.


I’m not the type of person who is really into those inspirational type of books, films etc and I generally just take a common sense approach to life. However, last night I caught a great documentary film made by an Aussie bloke from Sydney. The film struck a chord with me since he was the same age and suffering the same lifestyle issues as I am. He was overweight, over worked and heavily medicated. Fortunately the only medication I have to take is related to my shoulder injury but I related to this blokes story. The film is definitely worth watching and it’s inspiring because not only is it this blokes personal journey but the even greater story of an American truck driver who radically changes his life to become an entirely different person. I’m pretty hyped about this film and hope that you take an opportunity to watch it.

The website is:

I’m off to buy myself a juicer and make some serious and permanent changes to my diet.

Cold in Brisbane

The weather is really cooling down (by qld standards) so I thought a nice hot Thai curry would be perfect for dinner. There is a little Thai restaurant locally which do good curries.
I thought I’d go all out and have a Thai beer as well.


Of course Cutty wasn’t far away. How can I resist a face like that.


Saturday Morning

The weeks are going by so quickly and by the weekend I’m exhausted and drugged out of my brain. I’ve been dosed up on painkillers during the week to get me through work and Saturday is a welcome day of relaxing and sleeping in.
I took Cutty out for a run to the local Harley Dealer this morning. She is used to being around loud bikes.

Spot Cutt in the photo…


The Pod

Work on the Pod begins. Big Red is in the shed ready for the Pod build.
I’ve done a basic layout but it will evolve as it goes together. It’s surprising how small a 4 x 2.4 metre space is.


Expedition Truck Progress

Big Red is almost ready to go. I got the front bumper on today after sandblasting and painting it. All the wiring is done and everything is working. I had a serious hold up with the brakes. First the master cylinder needed resleeving then the booster was seized and needed rebuilding. So finally all is ready to go. The pod is the next stage and I need to start giving some serious consideration to the layout and mounting system.

Here is Big Red with a shiny new bumper.


Now that it’s back together and the brakes are sorted, it’s time for a road test.
I put the Go-Pro camera in the back but didn’t realise there was a cardboard box sitting just in front of it which obstructs the view a bit. Hopefully the video gives you some idea of what it’s like riding in Big Red.