I’m not the type of person who is really into those inspirational type of books, films etc and I generally just take a common sense approach to life. However, last night I caught a great documentary film made by an Aussie bloke from Sydney. The film struck a chord with me since he was the same age and suffering the same lifestyle issues as I am. He was overweight, over worked and heavily medicated. Fortunately the only medication I have to take is related to my shoulder injury but I related to this blokes story. The film is definitely worth watching and it’s inspiring because not only is it this blokes personal journey but the even greater story of an American truck driver who radically changes his life to become an entirely different person. I’m pretty hyped about this film and hope that you take an opportunity to watch it.

The website is:

I’m off to buy myself a juicer and make some serious and permanent changes to my diet.

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