More pod work

The side walls are built for the pod. Here they are sitting on the base. Not really exciting to look at but pretty exciting for me since it’s progress. The design has changed slightly but more on this later.


And for inspiration


What am I missing?

In case you haven’t heard, the British royal family (the Parasites) have had a baby. Yes, I’m clearly not a royalist or fan of any royalty or celebrity who’s status and recognition is a result of birth. I don’t understand why this is such a big deal and why it takes priority over other news stories. I’m watching the news reports and people are actually describing this ordinary fact as “amazing”. What’s amazing about this? It’s a freakin baby! So we have one more spoiled, undeservedly privileged, rich brat in the world. I personally find the phenomenon of celebrity worship terrifying and its something which our politicians understand and capitalise on. What really annoys me is seeing our prime minister, Kevin Dudd (this could be the complete sentence, but there is more) announcing that Australia (that includes my tax dollars) is sending gifts to the new brat. Why? As if the royal family can’t afford to buy the brat gifts. Why is our government wasting time, energy and money on sending gifts to the Parasite family. If we added up the actual cost involved in making the media announcements, choosing the gifts (that means a decision which as we all know involves many people in governments) and arranging to send them, I’m sure that exercise is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not only that but the government has had special framed certificates made as gifts to all babies born today. How about putting those funds into our health system? You might think I’m over reacting about this but it really peeves me.


Jeep Issues

Problems with the jeep. The body mounts on the side aren’t working and the rear brakes are playing up. I paid to have all the brakes rebuilt and they still have issues. It’s so frustrating when people don’t do things right the first time. They don’t realise when they say, “just bring it back and I’ll fix it” that it means time off work and further expenses. The job I paid for ends up costing me hundreds of dollars more in inconvenience. Frustrating!

The other frustrating item are the new gauges. I paid a small fortune for “Classic Instruments” gauges and the tacho was defective from new. It had a dirty smear mark on the inside and looked like it had been water damaged. The dealer offered to repair it under warranty but it was defective from new and not a matter of warranty. I don’t have the time for the fight so anyway it’s still crap even after the bodgy repair job since it now fogs up on cold mornings, has dust particles inside and still has remnants of the dirty smear marks. I will be writing more on these gauges in the near future. They are crap and will be going in the bin. I’ll be buying a better brand next time. If you are considering new gauges, give Classic Instruments a wide berth and go for something better known and a company who has dealers who stand by the product and don’t just fob their customer off.


Juice 2

I broke the juice fast yesterday but I’m sticking to juice for breakfast. It’s a good way to start the day and get a hit of nutrition and definitely better than my normal coffee and toast habit.
This is breakfast now.


This one is silver beet, celery, pear, apple and green capsicum. Odd combination but delicious!


I’m a failure!

I’m a failure! This juice fasting business is hard. I haven’t given in to temptation yet but I’m close. It’s been 3 days. A glass of juice for breakfast and I take a litre to work. I need more! Plus the fact that it’s winter and cold makes it difficult. I want some hot food. Dammit! And I’ve got a splitting headache.
Ok, judge me then. I’m a failure, I’m weak and have no self control. Oh the shame of it.
I’m planning a nice big hot dinner.