What am I missing?

In case you haven’t heard, the British royal family (the Parasites) have had a baby. Yes, I’m clearly not a royalist or fan of any royalty or celebrity who’s status and recognition is a result of birth. I don’t understand why this is such a big deal and why it takes priority over other news stories. I’m watching the news reports and people are actually describing this ordinary fact as “amazing”. What’s amazing about this? It’s a freakin baby! So we have one more spoiled, undeservedly privileged, rich brat in the world. I personally find the phenomenon of celebrity worship terrifying and its something which our politicians understand and capitalise on. What really annoys me is seeing our prime minister, Kevin Dudd (this could be the complete sentence, but there is more) announcing that Australia (that includes my tax dollars) is sending gifts to the new brat. Why? As if the royal family can’t afford to buy the brat gifts. Why is our government wasting time, energy and money on sending gifts to the Parasite family. If we added up the actual cost involved in making the media announcements, choosing the gifts (that means a decision which as we all know involves many people in governments) and arranging to send them, I’m sure that exercise is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not only that but the government has had special framed certificates made as gifts to all babies born today. How about putting those funds into our health system? You might think I’m over reacting about this but it really peeves me.


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