Back Onboard

After a long absence I was back on the boat yesterday. I had to move the boat to its new mooring and if I didn’t do it this weekend I would have to pay for another 3 months rent at $120 per week.
This wasn’t going to be a leisure trip and I just needed to get the job done. Even Cutty didn’t accompany me on this trip.
Unfortunately I motored the entire trip since my sailing days are over until my shoulder is fixed.
By Sunday morning the old Westsail had arrived at her new home.
I really missed being onboard and the sensations of being on the water and the isolation was actually quite emotive. Yachts are a beautiful thing.


Today was also a day for planting hedges. Now that the trenches are full of soil the plants can go in. These are native Lilly Pilly’s and I’m planting about 150 of them to form a hedge around the entire block.
This is a photo of the southern side of the block. I can still see glimpses of water through the trees at this end.


Island again

Back on the island today. I was anxious to see my new mooring since it was installed last week. If you look closely you can see the little yellow buoy just above the red anchor.

I’m extremely happy with the position since I could literally swim out to it. The boat will sit in about 2.5 – 3 metres of water at low tide.

I’m looking forward to bringing the boat up in the next couple of weeks and I’ll have to give some thought as to how I’m going to get back to Brisbane after I drop the boat off.


Expedition Truck

I was off to an early start today. I had a terrible night with my shoulder but I wasn’t going to waste the day by sleeping. Fortunately I have days like today when I don’t have to concentrate too much.
I haven’t been to BrownDog Cafe for a long while and this is the place Cutty and I used to have breakfast at many years ago. In fact I took her there for breakfast most Saturdays from when she was a 10 week old puppy. I’d put her on the back if my bicycle and ride there.
She doesn’t forget though and she was very excited at the thought of the ham which comes with the “big dog’s breakfast”.


After breakfast it was a trip out to the shed to check measure up the expedition pod on the back of the truck. I have to sort out where the roof hatches are going and I couldn’t really do this until the roof frame was on. Since my last update, the base frame and sides are now constructed together with part of the roof framing. It’s coming together nicely.




Island Progress

My new seagrass friendly mooring has been installed and I will work toward moving the boat up in the coming weeks. I need to slip and antifoul the boat in the next couple of weeks. It’s been seriously neglected since I haven’t been onboard.

Here is a photo of the island and the position of the new mooring.


Island scaping

I’m off to the island again this weekend to do some landscaping. I’ve got 10 cubic metres of pebbles to spread and 2 cubic metres of organic compost soil mix in my trailer. The gravel will go onto a hardstand area and in the bottom of drainage trenches. The soil is to mix in with the existing soil for the trenches I’ve dug for hedges around the boundary.

Here is the old jeep with the trailer full of soil. I brought the canoe over with me today.


Lots of work to do on the island. My land sits on the highest part of the island and looks out to the bay. How is this for a view! Plenty of nice cool breezes in the summer.


I’ve been digging trenches around the entire perimeter of the block ready to plant hedges. I could have taken the easy way out and by digging individual holes for the plants but this way i ensure consistency. I added the organic compost soil to the existing soil and will push it all back in with a bit of chook poo. Here is one of the trenches ready for filling. Note the original red soil and the organic black soil added. Locals tell me it’s unnecessary since the red soil is extremely fertile, but I figure it can’t hurt to have a little imported stuff.


Cutty is relegated to the back of the jeep while work is being done otherwise she gets too dirty. She does love the island though.


I’m putting a fair bit of gravel in the bottom of the trenches to ensure good drainage.


And more mixing of the organic compost soil so the hedges get off to a good start.


Island Mooring

I’m planning to bring the boat up to the island in the coming months since I obtained an approval for installing a mooring off the island some time ago. I’ve been getting the run around from council regarding the location of the mooring but it seems to be sorted now. It’s going to be really convenient having the boat about 30 metres off the island and I’ll be able to sit on my front deck and see the boat.

Moreton Bay has had some serious damage to seagrass over the years and this affects dugong, turtles and lots of marine creatures who rely on the seagrass as a food source and habitat.
It is now compulsory for moorings to be seagrass friendly and below is a video explaining this new type of mooring. These are very popular now around Stradbroke Island which is now largely an environmentally protected marine park.