Expedition Truck

I was off to an early start today. I had a terrible night with my shoulder but I wasn’t going to waste the day by sleeping. Fortunately I have days like today when I don’t have to concentrate too much.
I haven’t been to BrownDog Cafe for a long while and this is the place Cutty and I used to have breakfast at many years ago. In fact I took her there for breakfast most Saturdays from when she was a 10 week old puppy. I’d put her on the back if my bicycle and ride there.
She doesn’t forget though and she was very excited at the thought of the ham which comes with the “big dog’s breakfast”.


After breakfast it was a trip out to the shed to check measure up the expedition pod on the back of the truck. I have to sort out where the roof hatches are going and I couldn’t really do this until the roof frame was on. Since my last update, the base frame and sides are now constructed together with part of the roof framing. It’s coming together nicely.




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