Back Onboard

After a long absence I was back on the boat yesterday. I had to move the boat to its new mooring and if I didn’t do it this weekend I would have to pay for another 3 months rent at $120 per week.
This wasn’t going to be a leisure trip and I just needed to get the job done. Even Cutty didn’t accompany me on this trip.
Unfortunately I motored the entire trip since my sailing days are over until my shoulder is fixed.
By Sunday morning the old Westsail had arrived at her new home.
I really missed being onboard and the sensations of being on the water and the isolation was actually quite emotive. Yachts are a beautiful thing.


Today was also a day for planting hedges. Now that the trenches are full of soil the plants can go in. These are native Lilly Pilly’s and I’m planting about 150 of them to form a hedge around the entire block.
This is a photo of the southern side of the block. I can still see glimpses of water through the trees at this end.


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