Expedition truck fitout

The pod is getting closer to completion and I’m having to give some serious thought to the interior fitout. It’s been an evolutionary process to date and the external frame has changed somewhat to my original plans.

I came across a German company that makes massive offroad camper trucks and I’ve incorporated some of their design ideas into my pod. Here are some photos of the German trucks.

I really like the motorbike carrier on this design and I’ve considered mounting a tailgate lifter to the truck for this.







Big Red isn’t as glamorous on the outside but the interior will be very modern.

One thought on “Expedition truck fitout

  1. Just found your website whilst browsing about for expedition truck fit-outs! You’ve certainly got yourself a project!!
    We are doing a similar build using an MAN 4×4 chassis, but cheating a lot because we are starting with something a lot newer, so have gone straight to the canopy build phase without the chassis restoring phase.
    I’ll sign up so I can follow what you are up to with your new posts.

    David – Balhannah (South Australia – near Adelaide)

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