Shoulder Fix

I’ve had a shoulder injury for a few years now and I’ve put off having surgery in the hope that it would resolve itself. I’ve seen a few specialists about the surgery and none of them have inspired confidence. My greatest concern with the surgery was the use of “anchors” which I understood to basically be screws which are screwed into my bone to secure internal sutures. Understandably I didn’t like the idea of a foreign object being screwed into my bone and having seen plenty of examples of poor workmanship on boats I wondered if his was fraught with problems.
What if they didn’t drill a large enough pilot hole? Does this cause stress issues with the surrounding bone?
What if they drill too close to the edge of the bone? I know what happens with wood.
These types of thoughts have been haunting me along with stories from people who were worse off having had the operation.

Anyway, I had an appointment with a specialist yesterday who I had been waiting for months to see. He is the leading surgeon in Qld for shoulder injuries and is the surgeon of choice for elite athletes (of which I am definitely not). He immediately identified the problem and discovered an additional one which the other specialists had overlooked. I was really impressed by this Doctor.

Thank god I waited those 3 years. He tells me that they no longer use the old type of anchors but have recently started using anchors made of bone. The result being that the surrounding bone fuses with the bone anchor and there is no trace of an anchor ever having been there. How clever is that!
Below is a video of the procedure which is a bit boring (pun partially intended):

I’m feeling really positive about the surgery and getting back to normal. I’ve forgotten what a restful nights sleep is like. I’ll be 6 weeks in a sling, which is going to be the hardest part for me, and lots of physio but after about 4 months I’m told I should be better than new. I’m planning to make up for lost time then and will be back to exercising and finishing those lingering projects.

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