Smaller options

I’ve always been an advocate of smaller yachts. I’ve often considered my Westsail is unnecessarily big and if it wasn’t for me having so much “stuff” I would be happy with a smaller boat. I’ve always loved the simplicity of the traditional way of sailing but have unfortunately succumb to the reliance on gadgetry. I have lots of gadgets onboard and as everyone knows, gadgets require power. There is the water maker, fridge, computer, lighting etc. All of that requires solar panels on the dodger and I’ve even got a massive rig hanging off the back of the yacht with a wind generator. Now that I have a place to store all of my stuff I can begin to reduce the unnecessary clutter and try to get back to my original desire for simplicity. It’s easy to lose focus and let the clutter take over.

Perhaps I could get a smaller traditional yacht. I love this pretty little 28 footer by Hereschoff.


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