Expedition Truck body mounts

I’m getting closer to having the truck on the road. After some more issues with the rear brakes I discovered that the rear wheel cylinders were pretty much shot. Fortunately I’d bought service kits from the UK but I suspect they will probably need replacing rather than sleeving.
I’ve also replaced the wheel bearings since they had been subjected to water previously and let sit for years. The problem with old trucks is they deteriorate from lack of use.

I’ve been doing some research on the best way to mount the pod to the truck. I’m really surprised at the amount of effort and engineering that some people building their camper trucks go to. I don’t think that the effort and expense is really justifiable unless you expect to be doing hard core off roading. I’ve had a few people contact me who are also building expedition trucks and after trawling through many online forums I can see that I’m not the only one who had problems with mounting bodies. I thought this article may be of use to those people building trucks.


I will probably use a spring mounted method at the front of the body similar to this


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