Pod Progress

Finally some more progress on the Pod. I’m hoping to have the pod sheeted and mounted to the truck before Christmas so I can spend my Christmas break working on the fitout. It doesn’t look like much but every weld had to be ground back and hit with cold gal. There is a lot of steel in this frame build. I considered building with a foam core composite, which would have been much lighter and quicker, but I don’t think it would have the structural strength that this traditional method has. I’m also unconcerned about weight and actually need some weight over the rear axle since the springs are super heavy duty. If I don’t have much weight in the back I would probably have to remove a leaf or two from the spring pack.


The round port holes will go on the side.

This is the passenger side with the opening for the entry door.


Of course the print on the outside is just a protective coating and will be removed when finished to reveal a nice white gloss finish. The bottom unsheeted part will be sheeted in mirror finish chequer plate aluminium to give it that rugged off road look and add a bit more protection from bumps and scrapes.

This is an internal view from the front to rear. The big opening at the rear will be a hatch/window which will open on gas struts.


Even though it’s 4 metres long and 2.4 wide, I think it’s going to be pretty compact (tight). Hopefully I can come up with some super creative interior fitout ideas to maximise space.

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