Getting closer

It doesn’t look like much progress but the 2 door frames are finished, the roof is on and the roof portholes are done.
The only exterior work left to do is to add the checker plate aluminium to the lower sides and finish installing the doors. Sounds easy but it’s taking time.



I still need to get the jacks sorted out and the tray mounts. Below is one of the 4 corners where a jack will slide into. The reason it’s not sitting flush is that the checker plate is yet it to sit on top of the white aluminium. These box sections will allow the jacks to slide into place and be removed when fitted to the truck.


Here is Cutty for some perspective. The entry door and big rear window are sitting on the floor just behind her. The rear panel is also cut and ready for fitting. You can see it resting against the back wall of the shed.


And below is the rear of the pod with the big hole where the window will fit. It is extremely strongly built with massive bracing. The big rear window will be fitted with gas struts and allow a panoramic view from the lounge area. At least I’m hoping it will turn out that way.


I tested the new spring mounts with some minor articulation. I don’t expect to be doing any hardcore off roading so the spring mounts should suffice. The pod is seriously overbuilt so I can’t imagine it having much flex.


You can see the grease mark on the bolt indicating the movement. It’s not extreme but better than having nothing at all.

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