White Christmas?

Here’s how to have a white Christmas in 30 degree heat.
I bought 40 sheets of 20mm insulation polystyrene foam today and set about cutting them up to fit in the spaces between the structural beams. It will make a noticeable difference to the heat inside the pod, especially on the roof. It should also provide some good noise insulation.
If the panels look poorly fitted it’s because some of the voids are filled with offcuts wasted from the larger cut panels to avoid wasting the foam.


The next step is to buy the nycel panels to line the interior. Unfortunately these are only available in a 10mm thickness. At least it will add to the insulation but I would have preferred to use 5mm. I prefer the Nycel product over ply since the Nycel board can’t rot, is recycled and is self extinguishing in a fire. Plus, it doesn’t need to be painted since it comes standard with a gloss white finish on one side.

More to come when the suppliers are back from Christmas.

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