Last days of holiday

I’m back to work next week and I’ve been working like a dog to try and get as much done as I can. I went to the island yesterday to mow the lawn and tend to the garden. I was expecting to have a great haul of mangoes from my tree since I’d been tending to it during the year with some seaweed fertiliser and pruned out the crown of the tree to get some light into the canopy. When I got there I was disappointed to discover that almost all of the fruit was gone.
Fortunately I have some security cameras around the property and I looked at some of the footage. Here is why my mango tree is bare.



Mango bandits!
These people obviously came prepared.

There were 4 other lots of people all with poles on different dates raiding my tree. I don’t have a gate at the front to keep people off the property, but I know what I’ll be doing soon.

I did manage to get 3 mangoes.

Lucky they haven’t found my avocado tree yet.


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