Fond memories

I went to the island today to unload the truck. On the way over I was reminded of my days sailing on the old Westsail when I saw this yacht making good speed in a gentle breeze.


I’ve unloaded about 3/4 of the gear out of the truck. I’ll get to sorting it out one day. As you can see from the photo below, there was a lot of stuff on that boat. I think I may be a hoarder!


After unloading all of my gear I sat out on the verandah, had a coffee and recalled some great memories from the past 10 years. I may not have a boat anymore but I have a Westsail mug. I mean really, who needs a boat when I can have this perfectly good substitute. It’s a fine mug and all I need to do is give it a scrub. It sits in the kitchen sink and bobs around just like a boat. In fact she has beautiful lines, and that handle is just plain sexy. No varnishing or antifoul, no anodes to replace. It’s awesome. I love this mug. As long as I have this mug I’ll never want another boat.


Another chapter ends

I can’t believe how much gear I had on the boat. It took me an entire day and the truck is full to the brim. I’ll take it over to the island tomorrow to unload.

I left the marina at about 8pm and was driving home when a police car came up beside me. I saw them looking up at me in Big Red then they dropped back behind me and followed for a few kilometres. I was watching them in my rear view mirrors and began to get nervous that they were going to pull me over. I get nervous with police because I’ve had some bad experiences and found if they go to the trouble of pulling you over they generally try their best to find something to book you for.
Anyway, on go the blue lights, high beams flash and I pull over. I jumped down from the truck and went to their car to ask what the problem was.
To my surprise one of the policemen said, “hi, we actually pulled you over out of curiosity, what is your truck designed for?”
I told them that it’s an expedition vehicle and he said that he was telling his partner that I might be a doomsday prepper. I thought that was pretty funny.
They were both really interested in the truck, had a good look over it and that was it then they drove off.

Funny end to my tiring day. I’m off to bed to start dreaming of a smaller boat.

Busy weekend

This weekend was going to be pretty full on. I left work on Friday night and got the late ferry over to the island. A quick dinner and I was in bed just before midnight. I was up at 5am this morning to get ready for the day.
I had a coffee on the verandah and was visited by a kookaburra.


I haven’t been living onboard for a couple of years now and it’s been almost ten years since I bought my Westsail. The beauty of Westsails is that they have massive cargo capacity. That’s great for living onboard and hauling all of your possessions around but I figure that I don’t really need that now. I considered hauling the boat out and emptying it completely and starting from scratch with just the essentials. After 10 years it was full of possessions that weren’t necessary and were just taking up room. If I did that I’d have a big boat to maintain with lots of cargo capacity.
I’ve been thinking about a smaller boat for some time and it just so happened that a friend of a friend was looking for a Westsail. After some discussion on price we had an agreement.

It’s a huge decision for me and this boat has shaped my life for the past decade. I’m very emotionally attached to it but it’s time to downsize.

So after breakfast I grabbed the canoe and paddled out to the boat for the last time. I had a 6 hour sail ahead of me.
About 4 hours into the trip I crossed paths with a friend Peter Kerr who was out sailing on his yacht Pagan. He kindly snapped this photo for me.
This is the last photo of me sailing my old Westsail.


After a long day the old Westsail was tied up to the dock and it was time to start unloading. After 10 years I have accumulated lots of junk. I’ll bring the truck over tomorrow and start unloading the boat.


This morning started off fairly leisurely. I knew I had a big job ahead of me and I needed to get my head around it. I picked up Big Red last night and drove out to the marina this morning. I stopped off for breakfast just down the road at a little cafe opposite the boat ramp.

Not a bad view to start the day and contemplate being boatless.
Big Red is parked over to the left.


Now the work begins.

Road trip

I took Big Red for a run today. The old truck just purrs beautifully and never missed a beat. It’s a nicer way to travel than the old troop carrier. The trip ended up being about 500kms and there was plenty of scenery.


This is Northern New South Wales and it’s looking particularly green at the moment.


The headland in the right of the photo below is Cape Byron, the most Easterly point in Australia.


Cutty wanted to have a break so we stopped off at a cute little village called Clunes.


It was a beautiful day for a road trip and it was good to get the old truck out for a run.



Pod jacks

The jacks are finally finished. I can now jack the pod up and drive the truck away. The process of lifting the pod takes about 10 minutes from start to finish. I’m happy with the result. Now I need to get the parts powder coated.



Headed over to the island late this afternoon on the high speed ferry.


As I walked off the ferry there was a power outage on the island. It reminded me to get my generator sorted as a backup power supply. I’ll eventually convert everything over to solar in the cottage so it shouldn’t be a problem.