Another chapter ends

I can’t believe how much gear I had on the boat. It took me an entire day and the truck is full to the brim. I’ll take it over to the island tomorrow to unload.

I left the marina at about 8pm and was driving home when a police car came up beside me. I saw them looking up at me in Big Red then they dropped back behind me and followed for a few kilometres. I was watching them in my rear view mirrors and began to get nervous that they were going to pull me over. I get nervous with police because I’ve had some bad experiences and found if they go to the trouble of pulling you over they generally try their best to find something to book you for.
Anyway, on go the blue lights, high beams flash and I pull over. I jumped down from the truck and went to their car to ask what the problem was.
To my surprise one of the policemen said, “hi, we actually pulled you over out of curiosity, what is your truck designed for?”
I told them that it’s an expedition vehicle and he said that he was telling his partner that I might be a doomsday prepper. I thought that was pretty funny.
They were both really interested in the truck, had a good look over it and that was it then they drove off.

Funny end to my tiring day. I’m off to bed to start dreaming of a smaller boat.

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