New delivery

I have a shipping container on he island to keep tools and gardening equipment in. I have so much gear that I decided to get another delivered. It arrived on the block last week but was about half a metre away from where I wanted it dropped. I also needed to raise it on some block so it’s not sitting on the ground. I have some security cameras around the block that are motion activated. I forgot to turn them off when I arrived and I later discovered I’d caught myself on camera. So I figured I’d post some of the photos of the process. Moving a container is not that difficult with the right tools and some creative thinking.


I used a hi-lift jack to get under and lift the container. Once I lifted one end I gave the jack a nudge and let it fall over, moving the container a few inches each time.

This worked well initially but it was a slow process. I hooked the jeep up to the front corner to drag it. This didn’t work as well as I had hoped since the container is heavier than the jeep. I could have used big red I suppose but I was only inches away from being finished.


That little jeep is almost 40 years old and the transfer case is a great bit of technology. Unfortunately, even with the diff lock it didn’t move the container very much. The fact that I was on loose gravel didn’t help.

And finally jacked up with the hi-lift and some blocks underneath.


Heading Home

It’s been a productive weekend and even though I haven’t had a chance to relax I’m feeling pretty good about the progress I’m making on the shack.
This is the view from the back of the ferry leaving the island.


Moreton Bay is a beautiful place and the sand hills of North Stradbroke Island make a wild and picturesque backdrop.


Long weekend

I’ve been working flat out all weekend. Today I did some tree trimming with the chainsaw. The truck came in handy to use as a platform and it’s a good thing it’s 4×4 since it got stuck in a big hole where I took a tree out previously. It’s a good feeling to be productive, but even better to kick back with a beer afterwards and relax in my little beach shack with my best mate sitting beside me.


Island work

I’m on the island again this weekend trying to get some more work done. I’m taking Big Red over to the mainland to pick up some bulky items. It’s time to test out my design concept for the pod. I designed it so I could remove the pod and leave it in position while I use the truck as a flat tray transporter.

20 minutes after I began the process, the pod was off. If 2 people were working together, it would take 10 mins or even less.




It may look a bit precarious but it’s surprisingly stable, even at this height.

I love it when a plan comes together.

So now I’m off to the mainland to load up. It’s $180 return trip for the truck so I need to make each trip worthwhile.


It’s not a bad view from the driver’s seat.


Easter holidays. Probably not the best time to be trying to get somewhere in a hurry.


I made it back to the barge for the last trip of the day. I literally did not stop all day and got back to the barge with minutes to spare. Luckily I had a decent breakfast because I’m starving. My life is always hectic!

Bird’s Eye View

I’ve noticed regularly that there are a pair of sea eagles flying out the front of my house. The house is up on a cliff so I’m guessing they are getting a thermal or uplift from the breeze when it hits the cliff.
They are generally around in the early afternoon each day.
Unfortunately the photos are pretty bad as they are just taken on my phone. It also doesn’t help that it’s a grey and rainy day.



I did manage to get some work done yesterday. Lawns, weeding, installed some lights etc.
The rain has stopped me today so I’m heading back to the mainland early.


Brown Dog Breakfast

It’s been a while since I visited Brown Dog Cafe. I used to bring Cutty over on my bicycle when she was just a tiny pup. It hasn’t changed much in those seven years and the owner still remembers the days when Cutty was on the back of the bike in the basket.


I keep coming back here because it’s seriously the best breakfast in Brisbane. This is on the menu as the “big dog’s breakfast”. Of course Cutty gets the ham and haloumi.


I’m off to the island for the weekend to try to get some work done.

Quick decisions

Ok, I know I wrote that I was content with being boatless and that my mug was a perfectly good substitute, but things have changed.
My considerations for a boat now are:
Smaller than 30ft;
Accommodation for a weekend for 2;
Traditional rig either lug sail or gaff;
Shallow draft or retractable keel;
Able to be hauled out on a cradle so I can do my own maintenance on the island;

So I started looking around and came across this.


It’s a trailerable 24ft yacht with 2ft draft.


More to come on this soon….