Island work

I’m on the island again this weekend trying to get some more work done. I’m taking Big Red over to the mainland to pick up some bulky items. It’s time to test out my design concept for the pod. I designed it so I could remove the pod and leave it in position while I use the truck as a flat tray transporter.

20 minutes after I began the process, the pod was off. If 2 people were working together, it would take 10 mins or even less.




It may look a bit precarious but it’s surprisingly stable, even at this height.

I love it when a plan comes together.

So now I’m off to the mainland to load up. It’s $180 return trip for the truck so I need to make each trip worthwhile.


It’s not a bad view from the driver’s seat.


Easter holidays. Probably not the best time to be trying to get somewhere in a hurry.


I made it back to the barge for the last trip of the day. I literally did not stop all day and got back to the barge with minutes to spare. Luckily I had a decent breakfast because I’m starving. My life is always hectic!

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