New delivery

I have a shipping container on he island to keep tools and gardening equipment in. I have so much gear that I decided to get another delivered. It arrived on the block last week but was about half a metre away from where I wanted it dropped. I also needed to raise it on some block so it’s not sitting on the ground. I have some security cameras around the block that are motion activated. I forgot to turn them off when I arrived and I later discovered I’d caught myself on camera. So I figured I’d post some of the photos of the process. Moving a container is not that difficult with the right tools and some creative thinking.


I used a hi-lift jack to get under and lift the container. Once I lifted one end I gave the jack a nudge and let it fall over, moving the container a few inches each time.

This worked well initially but it was a slow process. I hooked the jeep up to the front corner to drag it. This didn’t work as well as I had hoped since the container is heavier than the jeep. I could have used big red I suppose but I was only inches away from being finished.


That little jeep is almost 40 years old and the transfer case is a great bit of technology. Unfortunately, even with the diff lock it didn’t move the container very much. The fact that I was on loose gravel didn’t help.

And finally jacked up with the hi-lift and some blocks underneath.


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