Island/work free weekend

I was feeling burnt out from work this week and decided to just have a weekend off and relax. I would have loved to go over to the island but I knew if I did I would end up working on the shack or doing some landscaping. So instead I went for a drive up to a bayside beach. I’ve been to Scarborough once before but it was a while ago and on the boat. This time I drove out and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a fair way out of Brisbane but it feels like a holiday destination. Once again Moreton Bay has surprised me. I’ve visited a lot of the bay while sailing but I didn’t realise how nice Scarborough was. The problem with the bay is that there are so many great spots that it’s easy to just get hooked on one and keep going back. I could spend the next 10 years sailing around the bay.
I found a little cafe on the esplanade and took in the scenery.



After a coffee I took Cutty down to the beach. Today is a perfect day and I could see all the way across to Moreton Island. This is paradise. Wish I was out on the boat today.


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