Landscaping Weekend

Another week has flown by. I had lots to catch up on this weekend so it was over to the island on Friday night.
I want to get a start on the landscaping asap because the dirt is driving me crazy. The dirt on the island is very rich in iron and is noticeable when it sticks to everything. Since the excavator was in to clear the block I haven’t had a chance to get grass down. I will put a boundary of pebbles around the house and then run the grass up to it. Today I took big red over on the barge to get some hardware and pebbles. This old truck really is amazing. I spoke to the landscaping supply yard on the phone and told them I wanted 4 cubic metres of river pebbles. They asked how I was going to carry it since it weighs 6 tonne. I showed up with Red and they lifted the bulka bags onto the tray. Old Red didn’t even strain under the load. I could probably get another 2 cube bags on without a problem.

Here is Red loaded up with 6 tonne (4 cubic metres of rocks in bulka bags).


Back on the island I had to work out a way of getting these 1.5 tonne bags of gravel off old Red. Simple. I just hooked up the jeep and pulled them off with a snatch strap. The old jeep is turning out to be a great little tractor to pull stuff around on the block.


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