And all over again…

Today is pretty much a repetition of Saturday. It was an early trip on the barge to the landscape suppliers for more pebbles. Another 4 cubic metres in bulka bags. Comparing the photos from Saturday I think they under filled the bags. Maybe they over filled them today?


I needed to get some big copper logs as well as I’m building an arbour for my vegetable garden. I’ll put the posts in each corner and run cable between them for climbing plants. Hopefully this will also create a nice natural screen. Fortunately the timber yard was only 5 mins down the road. The biggest I could get was 4.8 metres long and the yard only had 3 of them. I bought a 3.6m as the fourth. It’s going to be a funny looking arbour. I’ll try to get another 4.8m next time.

Old Red is looking pretty well loaded. I’ve also got about 500kg in the crew cab with pavers and bricks. All up I reckon there would be 7 tonne onboard.

The old girl is doing a great job and paying her way. I did notice the springs groaning a bit when going around corners (or maybe it was the tyres rubbing).


I got back to the barge a bit early and Cutty had a run in the park. She was having a great time. I think she wore herself out.


It was a big day today and I’m exhausted. I got the last barge back to the mainland tonight. It’s a quite little place at night on the island. Here is the view to the boat ramp as I’m waiting for the barge to arrive.


This little shelter is the original shed used for the island’s residents when waiting for a ferry. It was restored and is maintained by the island’s historic society.


The barge emerged from the dark and I was the only car onboard. The deckhand joked with me and said that this was my own personal charter.


Below is the view looking back at the island.
Until next weekend…


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