My birthday present

Each year on my birthday I figure it’s a good excuse to buy myself something expensive that I wouldn’t normally spend money on. I’ve been wanting a lathe for a while now so I can do small metal machining jobs. I’ve been watching fleabay for a while with the hope that a little vintage model would come up, specifically a Myford super 7. These don’t come up very often and I didn’t want to buy a new Chinese lathe as they are rubbish compared to the old British and U.S. built lathes.

So by coincidence, so close to my birthday, a Myford ML10 came up for sale. It’s a bit smaller than the super 7 but will do everything I want to do. This little beauty was immaculate and had hardly been used and had some great extras including 3 and 4 jaw chucks, compound milling attachment and a bunch of genuine Myford cutting tools. So I am now the owner of my own little Myford lathe. I just need to build a stand for it. I’ll weld one up next weekend on the island and set it up ready for some work.


I’ve enrolled in a basic metal engineering and machining course in the coming weeks at night school so that I can make the most of my new lathe. More productive than watching TV.

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