I spent the day landscaping today. It’s a slow process getting the garden done on the island since I literally only come here on weekends and I tend to get one good day of work done. The rest of the weekend is spent tidying, cleaning and mowing lawns. I also tend to leave the island each weekend with a big list if things to bring over the next weekend. I generally manage to get half of those items. I’m not good with lists.
So today I spent putting a trench in for more Lilly Pillys and making a vegetable garden area. I put four big copper logs in to make a defined area and to suspend cables between for climbing plants. I decided to put the posts in at an angle since straight up and down seemed a little ordinary. When I finished there was a brief sun shower and I took refuge in one of the shipping containers. The colours on this island are stunning. Check out how red that soil is. Its easy to grow plants here. You stick them in the ground and they grow.


The plan is to pave the area in between the posts and have raised garden beds. I’ll also do something fun with the posts like a big propeller to keep birds away from the veges.

This is a view from the verandah. I will be able to look down at the vege garden when I’m in the kitchen and pop down to get some produce. That’s the plan at this stage anyway. I really need some grass.


I also got a chance to set up my lathe. One of the shipping containers is now a useable workshop space. I need to install some good lighting in here next week and get the shelving sorted. It’s not a bad little workspace and the view is pretty decent.


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