I had to go and get some more hardware from the mainland today. As I wrote before, I’m not that great with lists. I can make them but I never seem to get everything on them.

I needed some bolts and cables for the copper log posts as I want to create some lines for climbing plants. I also think it would be a good idea to create some support between the posts since they are on an angle.

I had a bit of spare time to kill before heading back and I had ended up at a suburb called Cleveland. It’s only about a 10 minute drive from the ferry terminal. I was surprised how nice it was. Cleveland has a nice beachside holiday feel, which isn’t surprising for a bay side suburb. I was really surprised at how quiet it was. It was a Saturday and the place looked deserted. This is the Main Street.



I stopped for a coffee at a little cafe and the owner told me that during the week Cleveland is very busy as it’s a business centre for the Bay Area. However, on weekends it’s dead. This surprised me since it’s such a nice area.
I had a walk around the shops and then I saw it. The reason nobody comes to Cleveland. What an eyesore! I began to feel nauseous and quickly covered Cutty’s eyes to shield her from the horror. Really, Cleveland would be a buzzing bayside metropolis if only it didn’t have this.


I wonder if the bloke who owns Crocs is secretly a property developer. Maybe he sets up one of his shoe stores in a nice area and people start wearing them. Then the real estate values go down and he buys up all the land, closes the shop and makes a fortune.

I’m heading back to the island to get some more work done.


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