Double trouble

I pulled up to the island barge today to head over to the island and as I got out to take Cutty for a quick walk some people said that there was a stray dog wandering around that looked exactly like Cutty. I brushed it off thinking that was pretty unlikely but sure enough as I walked over to the park there was a dog that looked exactly like Cutty, minus the white bits. He was pretty distressed and wouldn’t let anyone near him. He also appeared to be hungry as he was trying to eat some rubbish. I couldn’t get near him but as I walked back to the car he followed Cutty. When I opened the door and put Cutty in, he ran up to the car and jumped in. The people waiting for the barge said that they had seen him yesterday and was definitely lost. He didn’t have any tags but did have a collar and a harness. So it appeared to be fate that I was to look after this little dog and try to reunite him with his owner.

Cutty was happy to take the backseat and this is the little dog riding shotgun for the barge trip over to the island. I’ve called him “Boy”. I had to call him something.


I did consider it might have been better to leave him in case his owner was looking for him, but I figured it was better for me to keep him secure and try to find the owner. I’ve called the Council and they have my details if anyone calls looking for him.

I wasn’t sure how he would go with me on the island and I thought I’d have to tie him up. Fortunately, he has immediately taken to Cutty and me. He had dinner, a good drink and a big run round the island with Cutty. These two get along like old mates.

The house is a disaster though with two muddy dogs running around.


So I’ll look after him tonight and tomorrow afternoon when I head back to the mainland I hope to have been in contact with his owner. I think he is having a great little island adventure, but for now he is exhausted and fast asleep on the floor next to me.



Owner located and Boy (aka Louie) has been reunited with his owner. I’ll miss that little fella.

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