Slow weekend

I woke up on Thursday morning with a sore throat. By the afternoon it was clear I was coming down with something bad. I headed over to the island on Friday to spend the weekend trying to get some rest and get past this virus.
All I felt like doing was to stay in bed but as usual, there is plenty to do on the island. The weather had been beautiful but chilly. It’s been down to 9 degrees Celsius overnight.
Cutty was keen to make an early start and as I was sitting down for a cup of tea I spotted her in her observation spot on the deck.


She likes to sit here and watch the birdlife in the morning.

I had a few jobs to finish off in the workshop including hanging some shelves. I’ve had a paper towel dispenser in storage for a while which I picked up at a market. It’s super handy to be able to have paper available in the workshop for cleaning my hands or wiping up a mess. So I mounted it under one of the shelves just across from the lathe. It’s one more small job that will get a piece of gear off the ground and out of storage.


It wasn’t a very productive day as I was feeling crook. I did a bit more garden work then relaxed.

The next day I took Cutty for a walk down to the water. This is the little beach close to my shack. It’s a great spot for launching watercraft. I can carry my SUP or canoe down here and go for a paddle.


Moreton Bay is stunning. The water is crystal clear and the only noise is wildlife. I know I have said this before but I can’t understand why this place hasn’t been discovered by people living in Brisbane. It has to be one if Brisbane’s best kept secrets. Luckily not many people read my blog, so the secret is probably safe for now.


Cutty is generally a lazy dog. She takes a lot of motivating to get up in the morning. However, when she’s out and about near water she is a crazy dog. Here she is off for a run around the park.



It’s Sunday afternoon and time to head back to the mainland. My heart sinks whenever I have to leave my little island paradise. Here comes the barge.


What a beautiful day.


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