As usual my weekends on the island are over too soon. I didn’t end up doing much work and kicked back for an hour relaxing with a coffee. Cutty is always relaxed and she is quite at home on the sofa. I would happily swap lives with Cutty.


As I was leaving I snapped a quick shot of the view from the top of my street. There’s a good breeze on the bay today and I’m missing being out on the water. I might start looking for another boat this week.


Plants, wedding and a full moon

I had some big plans this weekend to get a load of plants in and do some wiring for 12v lighting. Plans don’t always work out and even though I did manage to get some work done I stopped early to get ready for a wedding. A nice couple on the island were getting hitched and I felt very privileged to be invited along to the ceremony. I’m a bit of a sucker for weddings and no matter where they are or the type of ceremony, I always feel very honoured to witness two people in love and committing themselves to each other. It was a very sweet and romantic ceremony down by the local beach with half of the island population in attendance. Part of the ceremony included each of their personal stories about the way they met each other, which was very sweet. What a nice change from Internet dating which seems to be the only way people meet these days. Whatever happened to old fashioned romance. The boy meets girl stuff. It was well and truly alive tonight and it was a nice story. Maybe there is hope for me yet. Surely there must be a lady out there somewhere who is looking for a hobo and his dog who wants to live on a little island. Maybe I’ll just get a few more dogs.

The full moon has put me in an introspective mood.