Comparative thinking

I’ve been giving some thought recently as to why the bay islands aren’t more popular than they are. It’s something I just can’t understand since anywhere else in the world, an island less than an hour away from a major city would be prime real estate.
Admittedly most of the highly sought after locations have surf or white sandy beaches, but it got me to thinking about places that have similar geographic features. The island does have some sandy beaches but much of the waterfront is tidal mangroves.
One place that reminds me of the bay islands are the islands just south of Seattle in Puget Sound. Namely Vashon Island and the smaller surrounding islands.

Here is a short video on Vashon Island

Vashon Island has a much larger population (approx. 10,000) and area but it shares some similarities to the Bay Islands. You need to get a barge or ferry across to Vashon and the local islands.
Here is the Vashon Island ferry.



Vashon Island also has a history of agriculture and food production which has been reduced by residential development. It’s main farming activity was strawberries and despite there now only being a few small farms left on the island, the locals still celebrate the annual Strawberry Festival.

Here are some photos of Vashon Island which show it’s similarities to the Bay Island.




I’m guessing that eventually Brisbane will have a much larger population and people will be looking for areas that have a feeling of remoteness away from the bustle of the city. The bay is a spectacular place and unlike Seattle it doesn’t have the regular cold and wet climate.

I might live long enough to see those changes. I’d really like to see the islands develop a culture of self sufficiency and community that the mainland lacks. I’m hoping it will be a good place to grow old.

2 thoughts on “Comparative thinking

  1. Hi Rod,

    Better keep that secret to yourself, at least until we have sold that house in Adelaide and had a good look at Bay Islands 😉 I’ve been having similar thoughts about the islands…

    In the meantime I have established myself in the Gardens Point Boat Harbour, bay A07. I will most likely spend the summer here before venturing further North in the next season.

    If you are around the city and have some time for a chat, please let me know….


    • Hi Voytek, sorry about the late reply. Hope all is going well at the gardens mooring. I know it well. Some fond memories and some not so fond memories. Might catch you around there sometime.

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