It’s bugging me that I don’t have much time to spend on the island cottage. I finally got some more of the fencing up this weekend. The front fence is just chain wire and once the Lilly Pillys grow to form a hedge the fence will be invisible. I’ll have 2 driveway entrances and a smaller pedestrian gate to enter the property. I’m yet to come up with some gate designs but I’m thinking about something with a bit of character.
Here are the front fence rails in place waiting for the cement to cure.


As I was working out the front today I saw a nice cruising yacht motoring down the passage. By the time I broke my trance and went to get my camera, it was a fair way out from the island. It reminded me of the old days on the boat. I really miss those sailing days.


Unfortunately I have to focus on getting the island finished, or at least to a point that the gardens are established and I don’t have dirt everywhere.

This is a section at the back of the cottage. It’s currently where I’m dumping excess soil and cement blend which I’ll use around the place. I’m putting a small retaining wall in where the level drops down, but I’m not sure what else I’ll do with this area. Maybe a nice lawn with a paved area for a bench seat under the tree? I definitely need something planted to hide the ugly fence.


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