Garden ideas

I’m heading over to the island today, but had a few things I wanted to do along the way. I stopped off at the range for a while and then dropped into a place I’ve been meaning to visit each time I pass it. The Indigiscapes garden centre is a native nursery designed to promote the planting of native plant species.


I have a first hand appreciation of the damage that introduced species can have on the habitat. I’ve struggled with Singapore Daisy on the island and just when I think I’ve won the war, another clump turns up. So the idea of natives on the property is appealing.

The nursery has large garden areas and some nature bush walking paths.

Cutty loves it.


It has a nice natural feel with lots of water areas.


As I was walking along the track I saw some movement along the water’s edge. On closer inspection it was a red belly black snake. These are one of the better snakes to have around and were pretty common where I grew up. I remember as a kid having one slither out from under some cushions I was laying on. The good thing about a red belly is that they actually eat other snakes. Also, their venom generally isn’t lethal so that’s a bonus.


This was as close as I was getting and Cutty was definitely not interested. She looked at it and knew immediately to keep her distance.

I went back to the nursery area and picked up some ideas for trees and plants.
I’ll have some reading for tonight.

As I was leaving the mainland on the barge I noticed some dolphins passing by. By the time I got the camera and managed to time a shot, they were well in the distance. This is as good a shot as I could manage.


Even though the sky is grey the boats still venture out onto the bay for the weekend. As the barge approached the island I could see some boats gathering off the beach.


This is a popular place to anchor for a weekend.


This photo is just for the sky. Hope the rain stays away tonight.


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