History of the Bay

I recall back in 2004 when I first visited Moreton Bay. It was at night and I was on the final leg of my voyage from Sydney to Brisbane. I was exhausted from sailing solo and unlike the open ocean, there was a heightened need to keep a look out for sand banks and channel markers. I was surprised by the vast size of the bay. It seemed to go on forever and contained so many islands. I sailed past some of the smaller islands completely oblivious to their significance. I remember using the red lights on the top of the antenna towers at St Helena Island as a land mark. I had no idea at the time that St Helena was an historic penal island. I sailed past Peel Island, again having no clue that it was once used as a leper colony.
Fast forward ten years and I’m very familiar with the Bay and its islands. I find its rich history fascinating and also surprising that it’s not common knowledge for Brisbane residents. I’ve recently been doing a little bit of research on the history of the Bay and I’m completely intrigued by it. There is an exhibition currently on display at the Brisbane Art Gallery entitled, “The Many Lives of Moreton Bay”. I’m going to make a point of visiting the exhibition, but until then here is a short video about it.

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