The Arrival of Spring

Spending most of my time in the city nowadays I don’t get much exposure to nature. Being back on the island this week, I’m having nature overload. Spring is here and everything is green and beginning to flower. As I was walking down my street this morning I saw a big mulberry tree covered in berries. I stopped to pick a few and ate them on the spot.


In a world where everything is wrapped in plastic, homogenised, artificially coloured and preserved, it made me appreciate how awesome nature is. A tree that produces tasty, sweet treats. How cool is that! Kids could go nuts eating these and there really isn’t anything negative (except having to remove the purple stains from their clothes). No plastic wrapping, nothing artificial just straight off the tree awesomeness. And it’s free!


I had some takeaway.


Even my mango trees is starting to produce fruit. It looks like there will be lots of mangos this year with all these tiny little fruit popping up already.


I planted this climber a couple of weeks ago with the hope that it would climb up one of the posts. That’s exactly what it’s doing. I just never expected it to happen so quickly.


Within 2 weeks it has started to snake its way up the post.


These spring days are just perfect. I may be boatless for the short term, but sitting on my deck with a cold beer and a view like this, the little island shack isn’t too bad of a compromise.


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