Finally a weekend

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic with work and I haven’t managed to have a weekend away from the office until now.
The island is looking pretty neglected but a quick run around with the blower and some weeding made an instant improvement. The little cottage is looking like a work site.
The big mango tree was overhanging one of the Lilly Pilly trees and since mango trees drop a chemical that kills everything under them, I thought it best to prune it back.

Here is the mango after I introduced it to the chainsaw.


I cut up a few of the branches to use as firewood in winter. That will sit down the back for 6 months to dry out.


The back retaining wall is finished.


Next job will be to plant some edging plants to soften the look of the wall and help retain the soil then figure out what I’ll do with that rear section.

The garden plot is progressing slowly. The holes are dug, posts cast and most of the sleepers are cast. Hopefully it will be finished next weekend as it’s just a matter of concreting the posts in the holes, lifting the sleepers into position and levelling the pad ready for some raised garden beds and pavers.


The original hedge area is looking pretty good, albeit with a few gaps.

I need to continue those liriopes along the edge so it acts as a retainer to keep mulch off the pebbles. It’s just such a big job to plant the whole length and I’d need about 500 plants. I may look into seeding my own and planting them progressively.

The high side is now planted and have started taking well even after just a few weeks.


In my last post (below) I showed a pretty little climbing plant. Note the height of it on the third row of the trellis post frame. 3 weeks later and it’s gone quite a bit higher. Hopefully it keeps going right to the top.


Cutty loves watching me work. She just picks a shady spot under the mango tree and relaxes.


It’s about 30 degrees today and summer is just around the corner. Since last time I was here the mangoes are growing like crazy. Here is one of the little mangoes that fell off when I pruned the tree.


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