Flying visit

This past week has been a blur. I did manage to get to the Island on Sunday for a few hours. I was only going to be on the island for a few hours and then catch the last barge back to the mainland at 6.20pm.
It was a particularly hot day on Sunday and as the barge pulled into one of the neighbouring islands the local kids were making the most of the water. Much like my level of stress at the moment, the tide was unusually high.


After what seemed like only a few hours working on the island I was racing back down to meet the barge for the trip back to the rat race. I couldn’t find my car keys and as a result didn’t make it to the barge until 6.22pm. Fortunately the barge skipper waited a couple of minutes for me. What a nice bloke!

On the way back to the mainland I caught a photo of the same jetty shed with a beautiful sunset. This time at low tide. After a bit of island time and despite the rush to catch the barge, my level of stress seemed to be in sync with the tide.


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