G20 goodbye

It’s the G20 weekend in Brisbane and fortunately I’ve managed to escape most of the inconvenience caused by it. So over to the island I go. On the way over I had a bit of time up my sleeve and took a side street in Redland Bay where the barge leaves for the island. I like to have a look around the area for house and garden design ideas. Having grown up in Sydney and seen how sleepy little suburbs transformed into fashionable and expensive enclaves as the population grew, I can’t help but think that this suburb is an undiscovered gem. It looks like the secret is out, but not entirely and it might take another 10 years to reach its potential. The island might be another 10 years behind it.
I snapped a few photos of quaint beach houses which overlook the bay to the island. It’s becoming rare to find large blocks by the water.




As usual my visit to the island was a mad rush for a day and a half. I do manage to get a bit of work done each visit. My garden bed is finished and I planted a few different vegetables including:
Chilli (4 varieties);
Sage; and


I also put some ceiling fans in the shack for summer. It was 35 degrees today and fortunately the bay breeze keeps it tolerable. The ceiling fans will be a welcome improvement on those still, humid summer nights.

Next weekend I’ll get some more plants in. I’m also getting some edging in to separate the pebbles from the lawn. The plan is to have grass by Christmas and hopefully a food producing garden.

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