It was an extremely hot day today and I was trying to stay out of the sun since I got too much yesterday.
I went through the garden today and picked some produce. The garden is producing more food than I can eat from it. Here is just some of it.



I tried the jalapeƱo chillies tonight and they are hot. I’ve been eating zucchini and cucumber daily and I have too much basil. I even made 2 big jars of pesto from the basil and the garden isn’t slowing down. There are about 10 watermelon on the way and butternut pumpkins will be ready in another week. Then I have to deal with the hundreds of mangos that are ripening on the trees.
I think I’ve created a monster!

Sunshine finally

After days of torrential rain there was finally a break in the weather. I recently bought a little runabout as a temporary boat until I get a new yacht. I miss sailing and the noise of a motor and the pounding of waves on the hull is something I just can’t get used to. But for now this allows me to be on the water.
I dropped the boat in at the ramp this morning and was heading to the wrecks at Moreton Island for a dive.

Cutty is getting excited about being on the water again.


We headed out across the bay, the weather was spectacular and I even managed to get a photo of myself.


Moreton Bay is such a gem of a place. It is wild and beautiful and I’ve been on the bay on days like today and others when it can be a howling mess and treacherous. It’s hard to believe such a pristine paradise can change so quickly.


I’ve never been to the big banks near South passage since the old Westsail needed at least 2.5 metres of water under her. I thought I’d check out the big banks and fortunately this little boat doesn’t need much depth. Traversing the banks I had to trim the motor to avoid hitting the bottom. It was touch and go a few times here.


The banks are a great place to see shovel nose sharks, sting rays and reef fish. They were all there in abundance today.

After a couple of hours, lots of petrol, and a ringing sensation in my ears from the engine noise I made it to the wrecks.

It was the usual holiday crowd and I popped over to the western side of the wrecks, dropped anchor and hooked up the dive tank.


The tide was still coming in and this allowed me to anchor right beside one of the wrecks.


After a dive I headed back toward the island. The weather looked like it was developing into a storm and it was a rough ride back. I popped in behind Peel Island at Horseshoe Bay to get a break from the rough ride. The southern side of the island was completely protected so I pulled into the beach for a break and a swim.
Cutty couldn’t help herself. She is definitely a water dog.


The western end of Horseshoe Bay has a real Australian bush feel to it. There are sandstone cliffs, Pandanus and gum trees and unlike the blue water of Moreton Island the water here is a green hue.


After about an hour of laying about in the crystal green water and exploring the mangroves it was time to head back to the shack.

Today was a good day and I’m feeling pretty relaxed. Cutty was exhausted and after a wash down and dinner she was fast asleep.

Merry Christmas

Its been a frantic couple of weeks leading up to Christmas but I finally managed to get away to the island for the holidays. I have a few things planned on the bay and some projects to get finished in the garden.

The weather has turned wet and miserable here and the forecast is telling us to expect more of the same for at least another week. I managed to get some more turf in and at least the rain is giving it a good start.

I had a wet little visitor today. This little butcher bird took refuge from the rain under the porch. He was enviously looking at me sitting in the dry comfort of the shack. When the downpour finished he moved to the staircase pillar. I went out for a photo and I think he was too waterlogged to mind.


He was probably thinking, “damn the paparazzi”


Wet weekend

Doing the usual weekend thing today. Stopped at the range this morning to shoot some clays, then headed over to the island. The past couple of weeks have been hot and wet. At least today isn’t hot, but there have been sporadic showers all morning. The bay is pretty wild today and the barge trip over to the island is pretty rough. As I’m sitting in the car, the windscreen is copping heavy salt spray across it. No wonder most of the cars on the island are full of rust.


I’m trying to get some grass in by Christmas so I brought some turf over with me today.
It makes a big difference with a bit of green grass beside the garden bed.



I had a closer inspection of the of the plants and 3 weeks after planting I have food! You’ll have to forgive my excitement about something so mundane but I think it’s pretty awesome. Having lived on my boat for 8 years my gardening consisted of mung bean and alfalfa sprouts in a jar. My weekday apartment in the city is limited to a couple of small containers on the balcony, so this is a big deal for me.

Here is a zucchini


And a few more on the way


The lettuce is well on the way


Even a strawberry


I have chillies ready to go. I picked one to see what it was like and they are hot. I planted 4 different varieties so hopefully that was the hottest one.


Unfortunately I’m not the only one excited about the garden. This little critter has already made a start on the leaves.


There are some yellow zucchinis coming through.


Some tiny capsicum (or if you are in the U.S. it’s a pepper).


This is the beginning of a watermelon.


The mango tree is going crazy. It’s going to be another big year of mangoes.


So there you have it, my exciting vegetable blog. Maybe I need to get out more.

Hot weather + rain = garden

We’ve had some bad storms up here in Brisbane and even though the Island was spared the brunt of them it has still had a good bit of rain.
It’s fairly typical for this time of year. Steamy hot days followed by storms in the late afternoon.
The upshot of this is that my vege patch is growing incredibly quickly. I have some remote cameras on the island and I can actually watch the garden grow while I’m at work in the city. At the rate that the plants grow I can actually see a difference each day.
A couple of weeks ago I planted some seedlings. Here is a photo taken on the 26th of November.


And this is a photo taken today, just 2 weeks later.


I know that the island soil is fantastic for growing but this is ridiculous. Within a couple of weeks I’m getting food production from the garden.
This thing is on steroids!