Hot weather + rain = garden

We’ve had some bad storms up here in Brisbane and even though the Island was spared the brunt of them it has still had a good bit of rain.
It’s fairly typical for this time of year. Steamy hot days followed by storms in the late afternoon.
The upshot of this is that my vege patch is growing incredibly quickly. I have some remote cameras on the island and I can actually watch the garden grow while I’m at work in the city. At the rate that the plants grow I can actually see a difference each day.
A couple of weeks ago I planted some seedlings. Here is a photo taken on the 26th of November.


And this is a photo taken today, just 2 weeks later.


I know that the island soil is fantastic for growing but this is ridiculous. Within a couple of weeks I’m getting food production from the garden.
This thing is on steroids!

4 thoughts on “Hot weather + rain = garden

  1. Hi Stranger!
    I hope you are well. Have been reading your blog, all sounds so lovely and you seem very happy:)
    I have tried to contact you a few times unsuccessfully.
    Talk soon,

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