Wet weekend

Doing the usual weekend thing today. Stopped at the range this morning to shoot some clays, then headed over to the island. The past couple of weeks have been hot and wet. At least today isn’t hot, but there have been sporadic showers all morning. The bay is pretty wild today and the barge trip over to the island is pretty rough. As I’m sitting in the car, the windscreen is copping heavy salt spray across it. No wonder most of the cars on the island are full of rust.


I’m trying to get some grass in by Christmas so I brought some turf over with me today.
It makes a big difference with a bit of green grass beside the garden bed.



I had a closer inspection of the of the plants and 3 weeks after planting I have food! You’ll have to forgive my excitement about something so mundane but I think it’s pretty awesome. Having lived on my boat for 8 years my gardening consisted of mung bean and alfalfa sprouts in a jar. My weekday apartment in the city is limited to a couple of small containers on the balcony, so this is a big deal for me.

Here is a zucchini


And a few more on the way


The lettuce is well on the way


Even a strawberry


I have chillies ready to go. I picked one to see what it was like and they are hot. I planted 4 different varieties so hopefully that was the hottest one.


Unfortunately I’m not the only one excited about the garden. This little critter has already made a start on the leaves.


There are some yellow zucchinis coming through.


Some tiny capsicum (or if you are in the U.S. it’s a pepper).


This is the beginning of a watermelon.


The mango tree is going crazy. It’s going to be another big year of mangoes.


So there you have it, my exciting vegetable blog. Maybe I need to get out more.

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