happy Straylia day

Since being back from the island I’ve been trying to get into a routine for the start of the new year. It’s been a bit challenging but I’m getting there. It was the Australia Day long weekend and as much as I would have liked to get over to the island, I’m getting a bit frustrated with the lack of progress. I contracted with a bloke to install concrete edging before Christmas so that I could lay the turf down and finish putting down the pebbles. There have been numerous delays and it’s still not done. I’ve had to cancel the delivery of turf several times due to him not completing the edging and I’m beginning to lose my patience. I generally prefer to do most things myself and I seem to have a lot of bad luck with getting people to do work. Perhaps I’m a soft touch and people take advantage of that. In future I’m not going to have anyone else do work at the island, they are just too unreliable.
I was hoping to be in a position to have guests over to the island at Christmas but while there is dirt everywhere it makes it unpleasant and annoying having to continuously mop the floor of the cottage.

The edging bloke had told me he was going to finish the edging this weekend so instead of going to the island, and since it was steaming hot, we went for a drive out to a local creek. Cutty loves to go for a drive and often sticks her head out the window in search of interesting smells.


There was plenty of water in the creek since we’ve had rain over the last week. Cutty was in her element and this place reminded me of the creek we camped at down in Victoria about 5 years ago.



And big surprise, the edging still hasn’t been done.

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