In contrast to the cottage, work is actually being done around the island by the council. It’s a sad state of affairs when the local council can get work done quicker than private enterprise. I wonder how long it would take them to do garden edging?
At the bottom of my street there is a little park, which is where I launch the tender to get out to my mooring. Many years ago the council installed a retaining wall in the form of steel sheet piling to stop erosion. That sheet piling has reached the end of its life and council is installing a new, more permanent (and hopefully more attractive) retaining wall. This is the little waterfront park. The council has moved its excavator onsite and now we are all waiting anxiously to see what happens.


It looks like they will be doing a bit of work on the park also. Hopefully it’s something attractive.


This is the original steel sheet piling at low tide. My mooring is just out the front.


Also on the agenda for council works is to tar our street. You can see where the sealed section ends abruptly. I actually like it unsealed since it creates a bit of a country road feel. The dust can be annoying but since there are only a few cars each day passing by, it’s not really an issue. Unfortunately when it rains the cute little road turns into muddy strip, so I’m fairly happy about the tar sealing.


After I left the island today I saw some magpies taking a bath in a puddle. We’ve had so much rain here for the last couple of months. I wish I had laid all my turf so it would have been established by now.


So it was back to the ferry this afternoon to get ready for another week in the “real world”. On the ride back to the mainland I passed this beautiful schooner anchored off the island. It made me miss my old Westsail.


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