You may have heard that there is a cyclone in North Queensland. The news reports seem to be exaggerating the severity of the cyclone for Brisbane as we aren’t getting much bad weather at all. There has been plenty of rain but not much wind.

This is the radar image from the BOM.


I headed over to the island this weekend expecting to feel the brunt of the cyclone. It’s been raining most of the time but I think the cyclone is well north of Brisbane.

The cottage is very well protected since it sits on the highest part of the island and is also near a cliff. When the weather comes in from the South East it hits the cliff and passes straight over the top of us.

This was the view from the cottage during one of the lulls in the rain. It was very misty and there was a cloud around the peak of one of the hills on Stradbroke Island.


Even down at the local swimming enclosure there wasn’t much indication of a cyclone. Normally you could see Stradbroke Island from here and the water wouldn’t be as dirty, but it just felt like a generally wet weekend.


Not everyone thought the heavy rain was bad. The island ducks seemed to be enjoying it.


The island is quiet at the best of times since the population consists of only a few hundred people. I’m sceptical about that number since there only ever seems to be a handful of people around. There is only one little shop on the island which provides necessities to the locals. At least if the cyclone hits us we will have a good supply of food. Saturday is market day for the island shop.


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